A democratic competitive exam : solution to every ailment

With the recent cancellation of the UG neet counselling and admissions, I have an idea. In our country anyways the seats of all colleges including professional ones are reserved to the tunes of minimum 50 % and some times even more . So basically talent is not the soul decisive factor in the admission procedures . Moreover I feel talent , intelligence or marks in a competitive exam are quite overhyped . It adds so much of burden to a students as well as their parent’s life and ultimately to the society as a whole and what purpose it serves . Take for an example , our political representatives are chosen based on a highly fair democratic system of election , no where talent , or education is measured . And these fellows are doing fairly good . If our legislators and law makers can be chosen just like this then why can’t our doctors , engineers and other professionals and non professionals ? Imagine what good it will do to us

1. No more competitive exams : no more jealousy

2. No more wastage of money on the coaching institutes . So in short no more “Kota”

3. No more wastage of precious youth and their creativity

4. No more false bravado

So now the next question would be , how to choose and fill the seats of our world class colleges . I mean the education that any student will receive is irrespective of their rank , marks and intelligence etc , so i dont know whats the fuss .

Ok coming back to the selection process ..I propose 2 methods for the time being , with more brooding , I may come up with more in future .

Method 1 – Lottery system – every candidate will register online and will be given a token number and on the “d-day” some celebrity, like any of our great Bollywood stars or cricket gods can help choose the lucky ones through a draw of lots . Wow . I can already imagine all the media bites it will get . What a great day it will be .

Method 2 – Two phase process . In phase 1 there will be a lottery like the previous one . Through thjs we may select 4-5 times more candidates than the actual seats . In the next phase of our democratic election .we will use our prized and well tested method of ” first past the post” . This way we will select the candidate with the maximum vote as rank 1 and subsequently 2nd 3rd etc. This election will be done on the basis of constituencies and only candidates from that constituency will be eligible for the election from that constituency for college in that constituency . By this we the people will chise our own doctors engineers etc . Truly democratic.

Now many of you may ask me what about the reservation? I must assure you , i did not forget about it .

We will continue following our current reservation policies and reserve seats in the colleges of a particular constituency in line with reservation i.e. minimum 50 %. And I think we should follow the panchayat election model and reserve seats for women too.

To summerize , this would be the most fair way of choosing our future professionals , non professionals , civil servants etc .

Kindly comment with your suggestions .

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